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Knowledge about your Klygo WordPress Web Site

We use the powerful CMS (content management system) software called WordPress (WordPress.org). Did you know that WordPress powers over ¼ (over 25%) of all of the websites found online? The next CMS is Joomla and they haven’t gotten over the 2% mark yet. It is an open-source platform with thousands of contributors and great support found online for free. On this page, we will post links to help our customers expand their own websites from where they were purchased from us if they so choose to. This is mostly for our DIY Business Website “Starter Kit” plans. But we will be going over adding pages, text, and images to your Klygo WordPress web site.

Seeing that Klygo.com is already hosting your website and setup WordPress CMS on your domain name, there is no need to show videos on how to setup WordPress, connect your domain name, add an SSL, Webmaster Tool Verification, and many more items that we took care of. So below are steps on how to expand your website to do even more than our custom website design or if you are a DIY user how to get started creating your new website using our hosted WordPress.

Create a New Page on your Website

Add Plugins to your Klygo WordPress Website

Add Products to your eCommerce Website